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Eyewitnesses in Baghdad
Saturday, April 12, 2003

American CIA and Marines opened the central prison of Baghdad to encourage criminals and thieves in looting and rioting

As news come in daily from Iraq like a barrage to viewers in Palestine and other Arab countries, many expressed deep sadness and pain watching symbols of Iraqi state, universities and history being tarnished and run sacked. The common belief now, in the Arab World is that American occupation forces are intentionally encouraging this state of lawlessness and disorder in many Iraqi cities.

Watching news in Arabic through many Arab media sources gives a different picture of what is going on in Iraq from other international sources especially the American media.

One Baghdad resident confirmed in an interview, filmed as looters ran bye, to Al Jazeera TV channel that the American Marines and CIA agents opened the central prison of Baghdad and released all prisoners; many of them criminals and thieves. The man said,・I saw in my own eyes when the Marines brought in about three hundreds prisoners and released them on this governmental buildings complex to destroy everything. ・

The resident added firmly and angrily, ・We are proud Iraqis. Our values do not allow such conditions. It is the American soldiers who allow this intentionally. Iraqis will kick those soldiers and kill them for bringing us this disastrous war.・

Dr. Mustafa Al Anni, a member of the British Royal institute for defense studies, an Iraqi British Citizen, and a frequent guest speaker on the current Iraqi war to many Arab media sources, said, ・what we are watching now of looting and theft is a deliberate policy by the Americans to destroy what is left of Iraq as a state. It is an intentional act in order to bring the Iraqi people to a point of despair and hopelessness

So that people of Iraq can easily accept any form of government which will be imposed by the Americans in the coming weeks or so.・

He added,・I do believe the CIA and the Marines are actively involved in promoting this chaos and lawlessness. The Americans opened Baghdad Central Prison and released all kinds of criminals.・Dr. Al Anni continued speaking,・

The Americans could致e, at least, imposed a curfew in the first couple of days after occupying Baghdad and other cities. Why did not they call up the police force? If they (Americans) could plan for such a war what stopped them from establishing some kind of security for normal people? As an occupying power and under international law, it is their responsibility to provide basic needs and security to the people who are now being under occupation.・The guest speaker commented on a scene where looters entered the ministry of civil Affairs and Citizenship and said,・this is a very important ministry. All those records are for sure a huge loss to Iraq. Now, Americans can bring any outsider and legally・declare him/her an Iraqi citizen for example. Look, records are being destroyed and American soldiers are watching. Also, hospitals and universities are being destroyed so in the future American companies will be granted contracts to rebuild such institutions the way they want it. It is a great tragedy for Iraq .・

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April, 12th., 2003


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