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Palestinian Newspapers on recent events in Iraq
Monday, April 12, 2004

Recently, news from Iraq have been followed closley by Palestinians. Attached are few samples of what major Palestinian newspapers have to say and comment about that. I. S. Gaza, Palestine April, 12th. B.Samed
Gaza, Palestine
April 15th., 2004


A cartoon by the Palestinian Newspaper, Al Ayyam, commenting on president Bush's situation in Iraq. At the top right, written in Arabic, "Quagmire".

A cartoon published by the biggest Palestinian newspapaer, Al Quds, on April, 10th, showing a gun written on it "Fallujah" and behind the fighter is "an Arab Official" who tells the fighter, "I was coming to congratulate you on the anniversary of liberation." Recently, Arab public opinion is highly critical of the "weak" and passive stance of official Arab leaders on recent events in Iraq and Fallujah.

Written in Arabic in the middle of a map of Iraq, "The Graveyard of Infidels." After a week of intense fighting in Iraq, Palestinians followed the news with intense interest as comments and cartoons appoared every day on all kinds of media.

A front Page of Al Ayyam is showing "resistance fighters" of Fallujah with the headline, "Resistance explodes in Iraq on the anniversary of the fall of Baghdad. More than 400 people killed." Another headline says: "fighters of Abu Gharib Area 'reaping' American GIs in a game of cat and mouse."

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