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Palestinian reaction to Bush's endorsment of Sharon Plan
Thursday, April 15, 2004

Gaza City: As soon as the joint press confererence by Bush and Sharon was over in Washington on Wednesday April, 14th, reaction in the Palestinian occupied territories was swift and angry on the American president's endorsment of the unilateral plan of Sharon. Major newspapers showed headlines in RED color announcing "The Bush Promise" and a "Second Balfour Decleration". Some writers and commentators descrbied Bush's edorsment on the unilateral plan as the Dark Letter. Palestinian Authority officials , according to media sources, denounced the American move saying that it would " kill the road map peace plan". Some Palestinian ploitical parties called for an international confrence on the Palestinian issue without American participation.

A leader from Islamic Jihad told an Arab TV News Network that " this bad move shows the ultimate example of American bias towards Israel and the utter mockery of Palestinian people legitimate rights and dignity and also as an insult to all Arabs and Moslems."

One Palestinian woman commented that Bush did not have the right to negotiate in behlaf of Palestinian people and that Peace talks should be done through Palestinian leadership.

Other voices in various media sources has mentioned that the United States is sending the wrong message by ecnourging Sharon to sieze more land for settlements in the West Bank , continue building the seperation wall, disrespecting international law and pervious treaties.

Gaza, Palestine
April 15th., 2004


A major Palestinian Paper with a headline: "The second Balfour Decleration: Bush relieves Israel from a commitment to withdraw from all occupied land." The frontpage here refers to the infamous Balfour decleration of Nov. 2nd 1917 (90 yrs ago) when Britain issued a decleration promising the ten percent Jewish minority in Palestine a Jewish national homeland without consulting the Palestinian majority. Result is wars & conflicts ever since.

In today's Al Ayyam (Palestinian Paper) a cartoon showing Palestinian family is talking about President Bush's statement as the "Bush Promise". Written on back, "We must tell him [Bush] to go to hell." Palestinian public and officials have recieved the news from Washington with utter disbelief, anger, disappointment and defiance.
Gaza: April, 15th

A group of young Palestinians are playing soccer on the beach of Gaza City.
Photo: April, 14th, 2004

On the beach of Gaza City
Photo: April, 14th, 2004

A Gaza Fisherman.
Photo: April 14th, 2004

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