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Iraq and the new American military ruler Jay Garner
Thursday, April 17, 2003

Before even he touches Iraqi soil, Jay Garner has been already receiving suspicious and scrutinizing press coverage in various media sources throughout the Arab world.

From inside Iraq, daily interviews by Iraqi nationals to TV channels in Arabic expressed a strong sentiment not to allow their country be ruled by a foreigner and especially by Jay Garner, the American General who is supposed to be appointed as a president of the civil administration in Iraq.

Almost universally accepted by Iraqis and Arabs alike that Jay Garner is simply ・a strongly committed Zionist・ In a recent interview with Al Jazeera News network, Garner had to face the question whether he was a Zionist. The US ex-military General shrugged and said, ・I am surprised about such accusations・ The Arab journalist pressed on, ・this is how you are perceived here in this region and also you are a close friend with Sharon.・Garner did not give any comment.

But media sources have mentioned that Garner is a frequent visitor to Israel where he delivered speeches in support of Israel in the conflict with the Palestinians.

Iraqis are coming out to the streets in bigger crowds from Musul in the north to Basra in the south, according to media sources, and chanting, ・NO to Saddam and NO to America.・One elderly Iraqi spoke in Arabic to the Lebanese based LBC TV network, Tuesday, April 15th. saying, ・now, America came here to look for weapons of mass destruction and to get ride of Saddam. Now, it is her (America) time to leave our country. Or else, we will force her to leave. So, America should understand its limits and leave us alone.・

The Iraqi man began to speak louder as he stood in the middle of a crowd,・enough we had to suffer for the past 23 years on the hands of a dictator and we do not want to suffer further on the hands of a foreigner coming here to steal our resources and oil in the name of some false democracy.・

By: B. Samed

April 17th. 2003


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