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Israeli occupation army attack two West Bank hospitals
and kidnap two patients
Friday, April 25, 2003

At 4 o’clock, Wednesday morning, April 23rd, Israeli forces stormed two Palestinian hospitals in the West Bank town of Jenin, Palestinian media sources media sources said. Tens of soldiers smashed the front gate of Shifa hospital of Jenin, beating up two nurses and breaking medical equipment as the rampage went on inside the hospital. Tanks and armored vehicles surrounded the hospital and more than fifty soldiers occupied the roof, eyewitnesses said. At the same time, another group of Israeli soldiers attached a second hospital in Jenin called Dr. K. Sulaiman Hospital.

“ Our hospital was attacked at 4 o’clock early morning. The soldiers kidnapped a patient called Amin Turkman, 24 years old, who was receiving medical care since eight days ago. Turkman was seriously wounded earlier in the thigh which resulted in broken bones and paralyzing the leg.” said Dr. Al Assir, Director of Shifa hospital.

Another doctor added that more than 30 soldiers entered several rooms in the hospitals, beat up two female nurses and searched thoroughly medicine storage room and the surgery section. Dr. Ibrahim described the scene in a statement to Al Ayyam newspaper, “ I heard loud noises inside the hospital and as I went to check out the source, several soldiers threw me on the floor and then threatened to kill me. They pointed the guns at me and forced me to stand up against the wall.”

Palestinians eyewitnesses at the scene described a similar scenario at the other hospital of Dr. K. Suliaman. Israeli soldiers arrested Ayssar Al Atrash, 26 years, who was being treated from an injury caused by Israeli gunfire several days ago.

Jenin town Mayer, Mr. Abu Mueis, condemned Israel’s latest aggression on the town’s hospitals and said,” this military operation of attacking the hospitals and kidnapping two patients can only be considered a blatant breach of human rights and a crime that now is reaching hospitals, medicals centers and mosques.” The Mayor pleaded to the international community, through media sources, for interfering and declared, “ our hospitals are performing a human service which are now under the attack of Israel war machine.”

By: B. Samed

Gaza, Palestine

April, 25th., 2003


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