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Rafah , Gaza Strip:
A British family visit the spot where a son was shot seriously
Monday, April 29, 2002

Gaza City: A British family consisting of five members arrived to Rafah, April, 26th, to visit the site where their son Thomas Handroll, 24 years old, was shot in the head by an Israeli sniper two weeks ago.

Mrs. Handroll Jesslyn, 45 years old, told Palestinian news sources that she had not received any official reply yet from the Israeli government concerning the shooting of her son in Rafah.

Thomas is now considered clinically dead as a result of one bullet shot in the head from an Israeli soldier. He is a member of ISM, the International Solidarity Movement that attempts to protect Palestinian children and homes from Israeli army shooting and demolishing in Rafah area, south of Gaza Strip.

The mother told reporters that she came to Rafah with her family to see the place where he son was shot and to listen to eyewitness from the local community.

The father and their three children, Sofi, 23 years, Billy, 19 years and Freddie 12 years old went inside the refugee camp near the border wall and stood at the spot where their son Thomas was shot. Also, the Handroll family visited the Palestinian child, Salama Barhoom, 5 years old, whom Thomas was trying to save his life from Israeli gunfire two weeks ago. The Handroll family presented Salama with gifts and greeted his family.

As the family stood at the spot, where Thomas was hit in the head, the parents and their children could not control their emotions as sad tears came down over their loved son who is now in a hospital and considered clinically dead.

By: B. Samed

April 29th. 2003


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