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Ignored in Rafah         Monday, August 6, 2001

Sitting on the roadside next to his tent, Abu libda was drinking tea with few others who have just turned refugees again. Does the world know that we are oppressed? Does the world know who is the real terrorist? asked Mr. Abu Libda, now, he lost his house and left on a sidewalk with an open tent.

Abu Lidah explained how he has saved money for 15 years to buy the house, which he had been renting. He bought the house from the landlord in August 2000 after 15 years of paying rent. The house was located on the Egyptian border and Rafah City. He said, They did not leave me enough time to know what it is like to live in one's own home.

The area of Rafah has always experienced trouble due to close proximity with Jewish settlements and army posts. Even before the Intifadah, we never knew peace. Everytime our children play near the fence, soldiers used to fire at them and threatened to kill the children. Sometimes, they used to fire teargas bombs and shout on the microphone to scare the children away. Said Abu Libdah, father of seven children.

Along with Abu Lidah, many people explained how their lives have changed dramatically since Intifadah started. They feel betrayed by the international community and the unjust world system. The recently turned refugees can not understand why the UN or any international organization do not send Multi-National Observing Forces
to their town.

Another refugee sitting next to Abu Libdah said, I do not know why the Israeli soldier comes here. We live here. This is my home. The soldier should go back to where ever he comes from. Then, we won't have problems.

The following day (Aug. 4th.) after meeting Mr. Abu Libdah and his friends, Israeli Helicopters fired missiles at a Police station in Rafah City. The bombed site is only about 300 meters away from Abu Lidah's tent.


August 6th, 2001

B. Samed


A Palestinian from Rfah looking at the leftover of once his home. Israeli tanks plowed his house at 1:00AM on July 10th 2001.

A recently turned refugee in Rafah, behind him a message saying: "to continue the Intifadah and resistande."
July 2001, Rafah, Gaza Strip

Palestinian kids in Rafah cheered, whistled and clapped when they heard an angry adult outside his tent shouting, "We'll avenge with more suicide bombs."
July 2001 Gaza Strip

A message stuck on a tent in Rafah City says, "To the low-life terrorist Sharon. You demolished our homes in the seventies. And today you're destroying them again. We've gotten used to tents and expulsion. We've accepted challenge. The days between us are coming.

A resident of Rafah, "Patience itself has become bored with us."
July 2001, Rafah, Gaza Strip

3 times a refugee in her life. Originally from Jaffa, Fatima sits sadly in her tent in Rafah, south of Gaza Strip.
July 2001

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