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International Apathy & Jerusalem Thursday, August 9, 2001

Today, Aug 9th, about 3:00 PM, a massive explision took place in a busy restuarant in West Jerusalem. So far, the casualities are 19 dead and more than 80 injured.

Such an incident was expected for the last couple of week in the Palestinian street. The international community is to blame largley due to the passive attitude towards the assisination policies of the Sharon government. Palestinian leaders were assasinated almost daily and the world kept watching.

If the international community moved in with a dipplomatic intiative or seriously stopping Israel from assasination policies, today's explosion might've never happened. Of course, the US gave a shrewed blind eye to the horrible event of the last month which eventually led to today's bombing in West Jerusalem, according to Palestinians.

One local Gazan said," what do they expect? They have been shooting their missiles every day killling our best indivduals. And the world just kept silent."

Another man, a grocery store owner commented," Now, the world will beging again moving in. The so called international dignitaries will rush in like a herd of dogs to meet Arafat and bark,' stop violence, stop violence.'" He added angerliy," where were they last week or two weeks ago when our towns were being missiled daily."

Now, the streets of Gaza are desereted. People are expecting an air attack any time soon. Already, Israeli tanks have moved into Palestinian areas west of Nitsarim settlement located 5km south of Gaza City.

The situation is getting much much more tense. The coming days if not hours will prove costly both in human life and material. Made in US weaponeries will be in dispaly again, showing off their scientific prowess and exprementing them on the Arabs.


Aug. 9th 2001

B. Samed


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