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Security or Occupation      Monday, August 11, 2001

In the aftermath of the Jerusalem bombing, many Israeli politicians and media lieutenants have been calling for tougher aggression against the Palestinians in the hope of achieving security.

What is amazing to the Palestinians is Israel's failure to get 妬t・ Palestinians want an end to occupation in order to live in dignity and peace. Israelis on the other hand are behaving and talking as if it is a natural right for them to send a soldier to press his boot on a Palestinian neck, blow his house, uproots his trees and shell his neighborhood and at the end asking for security.

Again, the more amazing thing to Palestinians, that the international community led by the US through the mouth of Collin Powell always stating that level of violence should come down・and then peace talks can resume. No Palestinian can comprehend such an argument. Powell, stubbornly, is insisting on it. The US has the Key to start negotiations because it is the chief sponsor of Israel. You never hear the word occupation from the mouth of Powell. It is not in his diplomatic dictionary. As long as it remains this way, there is no hope of bringing peace between Palestinians and Israelis.

Again, Palestinians over and over say it in simple English, ・End Occupation. Period.

Powell dictionary does not recognize the one billion dollar vocabulary; occupation・ Consequently, the cycle of violence will continue where he keeps telling the world,・we are trying our best to bring the violence down. ・There is no question about it; he (US) can stop the violence tomorrow if they want.

Here in Gaza City, people are convinced of America's long hand in the cycle of violence in Palestine. Now, more than ever, the population wants a real end to occupation. As one local Gazan said,・Israel can not have it both ways; occupation and security. Israel has to choose one but not both.

During his latest visit to Turkey, Sharon asked for Turkey's help to force his version of pressure on Arafat. The Turkish Prime Minister told Sharon bluntly,・Stopping violence completely and resuming talks is unrealistic. ・What the Turkish Prime Minister meant was that if you were serious about peace, talks could start any moment. Palestinians are ready to talk anytime without conditions imposed from Israel and US. Another trip where Sharon came back diplomatically empty-handed.

Will the international community do something more about an illegal occupation instead of condemnation and expressing hollowed outrage?


Aug 11th. 2001

B. Samed


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