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An approved policy of assassination    Monday, August 27, 2001

Palestinians, today, were shocked and outraged when heard the news of the assassination of the leader of the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine). Abu Ali Mustafa was in his office in the city of Ramallah when a missile fired from Apache Helicopter hit him directly.
He was killed on the spot.

Other civilians who happened to be inside the building were injured.  The murder took place at about noon on Monday Aug. 27.

The assassination of Abu Ali Mustafah marks the first time for Israel to kill a top leader as he was one of the founders of the PLO ( Palestine Liberation Organization). It is extremely disturbing to the Palestinians as the killing means crossing a red line and a blatant form of escalation.
If a leader of the caliber of Abu Ali Mustafa were assassinated in cold bold that means Arafat could be next. This is how the Palestinians view the dangerous implications of this vicious attack at a major national leader.

Palestinians have already pointed the finger of accusations at the US. Two days ago, President Bush made a terribly biased statement against the Palestinians which encourged Sharon with the policy of assassinating Palestinian leaders. Bush described the Palestinian resistant fighters as terrorists and accused Arafat of doing nothing to stop it.

If Israel continue to destroy security buildings, where would Arafat lock up the terrorists that Bush talks about?

It is clear to Palestinians that the statement which Bush made two days ago (Aug. 25.) meant a green light for Sharon to fire his American Made missiles and bombs on Palestinians.  Also, few days ago, America threatened to use the veto power to block any UN resolution of sending an International observing force to the occupied territories to monitor the situation. Israel and US are adamant against the idea. The Palestinians want the world to come and see for themselves Israeli atrocities. Another political disappointed by US to add to the frustration of the Palestinian people.

Abu Ali Mustafah became the top leader of the PFLP in 1999. He was born in the small town of Arrabah near Jenin (West Bank) 63 years ago. In the early 50s he joined the Arab Nationalists Movement. It was to be renamed as the PFLP after the defeat of 1967 war.  Abu Ali occupied the position of Deputy chief of the PFLP from the mid 70s to 1999 as the second man in command after Dr. George Habbash, the founder of the movement.

Upon his return from exile back to Palestine in 1999, Abu Ali reflected on his home- coming after many years of absence. He described his return as follow, I am happy and sad at the same time. I am happy because I am with my people again in the homeland to resist occupation and be together in the trench of resistance. And I am sad because our goals are not realized yet.
The biggest goal is the return of refugees back to their homes and properties stolen in 1948.

As I am writing these lines, the entire city of Gaza has come outside to the streets where tens of thousands of people have gathered in front of Arafat's office. An incredibly huge number of angry protesters denounced the assassination of a major national leader.

As one local speaker said it loud to the masses, the murder of Abu Ali will deepen the spirit of resistance. If they kill one leader, two, or twenty,
we will not surrender. Leaders have been assassinated before but the Palestinian people will continue the struggle. The Palestinians will give with their blood, thought revolution and cause. It is a mission that is carved deep in our hearts.


Aug. 27th. 2001

B. Samed


The spot where the 2000 BLs bomb was dropped, shocking the population of entire city.
Aug 27, Gaza City

The remains of a building which was hit by a 2000 LBs bomb released from an American made F16 jet fighter in the heart of Gaza City on Aug 26.

One American Missile fired by Israel brought down this four storey building to four roofs flat on top of each other.
Aug. 27th, 2001, Gaza City

Unimaginable destruction in the heart of Gaza City during an raid by Israel. A tesitimony of terror and destruction by US and Israel.
Aug. 27th, 2001

At 5:00 AM, Aug. 26th, Israeli jets destroyed the this building located in the middle of a residential area in the city of Gaza.

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