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Latest Update from Gaza     Tuesday, December 4, 2001

Hello Friends,

Here is the latest update from Gaza City. It has been very tense in the last two days.

As we were getting ready to break the fast by sunset time, 4:45 PM, Dec.
3rd. all of the sudden, huge bangs of missiles rocketed the city. People and cars started ushing to take cover from the incoming missiles from the seaside. Arafat's office is located the beach area on the west of Gaza .Few minutes later, sounds of heavy machine guns began to be heard very loudly across the City. Four Israeli Apache helicopters were firing down at an area near President Arafat Office which is in the middle of a crowded neighborhood.

Today, Dec. 4th. at about noon time, local time, Israeli F16 jets started to fly very low over Gaza city. Minutes later, one jet fired a missile at a building belonging to the 撤reventive Security・at the Shiekh Radwan neighborhood. School children were about to leave school at that time. Tens of the children were injured. Many bicycles and school bags could be seen scattered within the vicinity of the bombed area.

Today, so far, two Palestinians were killed and 150 injured. At the moment, many Israeli helicopters are still attaching various areas within the Gaza Strip especially in Khan Younis town and Beit Lahia in the north of Gaza.

Also, last night, Dec. 3rd. Israeli bulldozers and tanks plowed away the runway of Gaza International Airport. Recently, the only plane that can use the airport is President Arafat痴. The Airport has been closed down by Israeli military for over a year now.

Best Regards,

B. Samed

Gaza, Palestine


The garage and three personal helicopters of President Arafat were completely destroyed yesterday, Dec. 3rd as local Palestinians were preparing to break the fast of Ramadan.
Dec. 4th, Gaza

A major street in Gaza City only one hour after Israeli Apatch gunships fired misailes at nearby Palestinian TV station today Dec. 4th.

A scene of the area where Israel attacked President Arafat's personal Helicopters. Arafat Office is on the left by the beach. The rest is a residential area and a school.

The site where three personal helicoptors belonging to President Arafat destroyed by Israeli Apatch gunships yesterday, Dec 3rd
Dec. 4th, 2001

Palestinian school children running scared as Israeli F16 jets were bombing near their school today
Gaza City, Dec 4th, 2001

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