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Sharon's Real Intensions    Wednesday, December 5, 2001

Currently, the sentiment and feelings of the Palestinians in occupied territories, across society, can be described as follow.

Almost all Palestinians now are convinced that this Israeli government (Sharon's) is not interested in making Peace. Sharon was never for peace.
He was always against Oslo and any other kind of peace talks. Sharon has been always known to favor the Zionist theory of "Transfer" which is about kicking the Palestinians to Jordan. Jordan, as Sharon believes, is the alternative home for Palestinians. This is the frame of mind that make up his ideas and visions of the future of Palestine- Israeli conflict.

Sharon is not really after Arafat personally. He is after destroying any possible symbol of a future Palestinian State and that including Arafat as a president. Palestinians see Sharon is about to destroy the infrastructure of any kind of viable Palestinian State. Sharon announces accusations and insults against President Arafat but people here in the occupied territories know it is only a facade. Behind Sharon's statements are a much deeply held intentions. He is one of the founders of the Zionist movement with a long history of implementing Zionist ideals with iron and blood. To him and his likes, Palestinians simply do not exist and Palestine was a land without people and people without land.

As more talks for a possible Palestinian state are becoming more real at international level, Sharon is getting very restless and edgy. So, the last weekend of bombing in Jerusalem and Haifa could not come at a better timing for him. It was a gift he anxiously was waiting in order to exploit it ( explosions in Jerusalem and Hifa) to create an upheaval and instability in the territories and hence in the region.

Sharon knew very well what it meant to assassinate a prominent Hamas leader like Mr. Abu hunoud. Sharon ordered Abu Honoud assassination in the West Bank about a week ago. Israel surely knows, considering past instances, that if they gun down a Hamas leader, Hamas will answer back with a heavy toll price on Israeli side. So, Sharon timed the killing of Abu Hounud only a week before the arrival of the American envoy. He anticipated the Hamas attacks so that he can spoil even the slightest breakthrough of any possible peace negotiations.

In Gaza Strip, during the last two weeks, people were living under tormenting terror without any provocation what so ever. Some were amazed at how Israeli military staged up tank shelling and assassinations. In the last two weeks Palestinians lost over 60 people and hundreds injured. The
most painful incident happened when 5 school children killed in Khan Younis near their home on their way to school. That really inflamed an already built up anger with Israeli occupation aggressive practices. During the procession of the five boys funeral, locals chanted and demanded revenge.
The entire town of Khan Younis (180,000) went out to take part where the atmosphere was nothing but sheet anger at Israel and its cruel murder of the boys.

Today, Dec. 5th. Israeli soldiers, at major military block between Gaza City and Khan Younis, stopped a taxi car . The soldiers ordered three young men to take off their cloths in the middle of cold rain. The weather today has been heavy rain and cold. The Israeli soldiers led the three NAKED Palestinian youths to a pool of rainwater and asked them to remain there. A friend of mine was in the service Taxi behind watching the whole thing when he phoned me and telling me in horror what the soldiers were doing to Palestinian commuters.

Best Regards,

B. Samed

Gaza, Palestine


Heavy rain in Gaza today, Dec 5th., might've delayed freash Israeli attacks.

A poster of Arafat in a major street in Gaza City (Omar Mukhtar Street).
The poster message reads "my dream won't be complete without you Jerusalem."
Dec 5th, 2001

A mother, holding a Palestinian umbrella-Flag, and her child waiting for a taxi in Gaza.
Dec 5th

A shop selling flags, Wehda Street, Gaza.
Dec. 5th, 2001

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