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Photos from Gaza     Tuesday, December 11, 2001


Fadi, 15 yrs old from Gaza, was injured during an Israeli F16 air raid near his school. He said, "I saw myself flying 5 meters and hit a wall." His friends rushed to rescue Fadi. A hot metal piece hit his thigh. More than two hundred of Fadi's school mates ware injured as a result of te Dec. 6th F16 air raid. Now Fadi is getting treatment at Shifa hospital in Gaza City. Doctores will operate again to clean his wound.
Gaza City, Dec. 9th, 2001

Wael, 15 yrs old, was hit in the leg during the Dec. 6th. Israeli F16 aair raid on Gaza. Wael was standing outside his home when he suddenly saw his neighborhood bombed. He is now laying in a bed at Shifa hospital in Gaza City. His brother Raed (standing sith red scarfs) was lucky. He was inside the house.
Shifa Hospital (gaza) Dec. 9th

At a sidewalk in Gaza city, a young man selling Jarjir (watercress) just before Iftar time. Jarjir is a popular side dish, eaten raw, on the Iftar table during the month of Ramadan.
Gaza, Dec. 10th 2001
The wastern part of Gaza city, seaside, photographed from a point where international media position cameras to broadcast live during air raid on Gaza City.
Dec. 10th, 2001

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