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A Fresh Attack on Khan Younis  Wednesday, December 11, 2001

Israel launched a surpassing deadly missile attack on Khan younis last night, Dec. 11th.
According to local sources, two Apache helicopters fired missiles at a group of locals in a neighborhood called the Danish Quarter・which is located on the West part of Khan Younis refugee camp.

The missiles hit the people directly. Three were killed instantly. Two more are clinically dead according to Nasser Hospital, local hospital, and spokesman. And there are more than twenty njured; four of them in very critical conditions. The Apache attack inflicted huge material damage to the surrounding apartment buildings, which were built as part of a Danish government grand aid project in the past.

The reason for the big number of causalities is due to the timing of the attack. Many people were leaving a nearby mosque as they finished praying minutes earlier. Last night was the most holy night of the month of Ramadan. It is the 27th night of the lunar calendar month of Ramadan. In Islam, it was the night when the Quran was first revealed to Prophet Mohammed. Moslems, usually, spent most of the night praying at mosques during this particular date of Ramadan.

A friend of mine who lives in the Danish quarter told me of what happened. He said that before the attack, the situation was very calm. There was no provocation what so ever. Suddenly the two Apaches appeared and fired more than 9 missiles directly at the locals. A second attack came soon with few more missiles. Also, two Israeli tanks came out of the nearby settlement and forced its way about 500 meters inside Palestinian area and fired heavy machine guns at the locals.

That immediately caused a state of terror and panic among the residents. Many mothers and adults grabbed their children running for their lives under the apaches and tanks fire.

Today, the city of Khan Younis is indeed engulfed in sadness and anger. The killing will ignite people's anger against Israel especially when there was no provocation for such a deadly attack.

Those who were killed are two brothers from Abu Sitta family. They are Said Abu Sitta and Issayed Abu Sitta.
The third is by the name of Abu Arram.

As many local Palestinians realize that it was a crime committed by Sharon but unfortunately international media would not pay attention or make big news of it. Locals think that the world will make a big fuss and hype only when revenge attack happen against Israelis. Meanwhile, the real terror is found in such crimes committed by an illegal occupation military force.

As many Palestinians see it; the world and the international community is in entangled in hypocrisy and indifference to even the minimum requirement of justice and principles of international law.

Best Regards,

B. Samed

Dec. 12th, 2001


A cloud of smoke appeared across the city of Gaza as a result of missile explosion during the Dec. 6th, 2001

Gaza City, Dec. 10th, 2001

Al Ayyam, A major Palestinian daily, writes is red in its front Page, " A massaere in Khan Younis... 5 martyrs and 20 injured." On the left, a picture of two children killed on Dec. 10th in Hebron by Israeli.
Dec. 12th, 2001

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