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Fresh air strikes on Gaza City   Monday, February 11, 2002

Israeli F16 Jets and Apache helicopters fired a number of missiles on targets in the middle of Gaza City, aiming mainly at Al Sarrya complex which houses a number of security buildings belonging to the Palestinian National authority.

The air strike took place at about noontime, today, Feb 11th. as school children were attending classes when missiles hit an area known for its density of schools buildings. School authorities immediately ordered the evacuation of the students. Panic and ciaos dominated the streets of Gaza City.

Locals stopped to watch few Apache flying on top of the area of President Arafat Gaza residence. The Apaches stayed in the air in a stationary mode and fired several missiles. People were seen pointing to the incoming missiles and tracing its course toward the targeted spot. The aim of missiles was mainly Al Sarraya complex, which houses many building belonging to various Palestinian security organizations. Also, in the complex, there are prisons which have militants locked inside. Many buildings were reported destroyed. Immediately after the attack stopped, angry people were reported of storming the building to free prisoners.

Many prisoners are militants of radical Palestinian groups. The act by angry people to free prisoners took place in a similar fashion few days ago in the city of Nablus, north of West Bank.

The result of the attack is 27 people injured; the majority is students, journalist and police officers.

Gaza City,
Feb., 11th. 2002

B. Samed


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