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News Update             Thursday, January 23, 2002

Yesterday, Israeli tanks went 1KM inside Nablus City. The troops who were members of a special military unit stormed a building and killed four Hamas members in an apartment. The Israeli unit troops cut up the four bodies into many pieces. One body was found soaked in blood in a bathtub. The soldiers also, arrested 9 civilians who were living in the same building. At the end of the military operation, the soldiers blew up the apartment of the Hamas members. Residents were horrified at the sudden show of force and fire. One resident who saw the aftermath of the apartment killing to Al Jazeera TV stations: we are so horrified by what happened. I can nor describe to you the way those four people were murdered. No words can describe the scene. Israeli officials claimed that they destroyed a bomb factory of Hamas.

A day before, Jan. 21, Israeli re-occupied many parts of Ramallah and tightened the blockade around the offices of President Arafat and the city as a whole.

After the Israeli attack on Nablus, Palestinian gunman fired his machine gun at Israelis in a major street in West Jerusalem. About 20 people were injured. Casualties could rise. But this Attack came from Fatah's military wing 鉄araya Al Quds. After the attack, the group contacted a TV station and said the attack was carried out in revenge of killing one of their leaders, Al Karmi, by Israel, in Tul Karem, last week. They continued by saying that Israelis Sharon is putting his people's lives in danger because of his policies of assassinations.

According to a leaflet. During the same day, Jan. 23. a prominent Hamas leader promised that Israel's new crime of killing the four members will cost Israel. He said, we will answer soon.

With that, it looks like the situation is beginning to deteriorate. We had three weeks of calm before. Now, a new fresh cycle of tit for tat has begun.

Gaza City,

Jan. 23rd, 2002

B. Samed


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