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Update     Monday, January 27, 2002

Update Jan 27th.

Yesterday, Jan. 26. Israeli jets bombed Palestinian targets in the Beit Hanoun area in north of Gaza Strip. Also, The main road of the Gaza Strip was blocked off completely preventing commuters and transfer of goods from reaching destinations. The road was closed for two days dividing the Gaza Strip into three separate segments.

IN the town of Khan younis, the second largest in the Gaza Strip, Israeli apaches assassinated Mr. Hamdan Bakr, a Hamas Activist on Jan 24th. The two Israeli helicopters flew over the town and fired a couple of missiles at a car passing in front of Nasr hospital, the main hospital of Khan Yuonis.
People of the town talked of an extremely powerful explosion which took place at about 8:00 PM. Mr. Hamdan was killed instantly.

The following day, thousands and thousands of people took to the streets protesting with outrage the ongoing Israeli policy of assassination. The main street of the city turned into a hair-razing scene of gunfire shooting into the air meanwhile young men promised revenge against Israeli targets.

Masked young men, brandishing machine guns, fired, shouted and waved their fists in a highly charged emotional atmosphere and promising that ・we will answer back・

This morning, Sunday 27th. Israeli tanks stationed inside the settlement of Ghush Qatif, south of Gaza Strip, fired heavy machine guns at civilian targets at the west end of Khan Younis refugee camp and Rafah area.

Moreover, today, Jan.27. approximately, in the afternoon, a powerful explosion rocked a main street in the city of Jerusalem claiming tens of injures. One person killed as of last reports.

Palestinian authority condemned the attack on civilians.
Arafat is still confined to the compound of the presidential office compound in Ramallah City, West Bank. Israeli tanks are still surrounding Arafat Office to control his movements.

Israeli jets at the moment are flying over the Gaza Strip. It is almost certain that Israel is going to bomb some places within the city later on.
People are embracing for an attack tonight on Gaza City and throughout the Occupied territories.

Khan younis City, Gaza Strip,

Jan. 27th. 2002

B. Samed


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