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Israeli occupation army is causing an environmental disaster
in Gaza City
Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Recently, Israeli occupation forces have been attempting to create an environmental disaster inside the Gaza Strip. The biggest water treatment plant is located about 5 Km south of Gaza city. It is also near the Jewish settlement of Nitzarim.

According to Palestinian media sources, Israeli bulldozers and tanks have gone into a rampage of destroying farmlands south of the station, which is responsible for treating most of the city's sewerage water. The tanks destroyed pipes, which carry sewerage water and also treated water from in and out of the station. Now, sewerage waters are flooding out of the station in all directions, according to Mr. Saad Kharma, Acting Mayor of Gaza City, in a statement to media sources on July 15th.

Mr. Kharma added that the situation is becoming extremely critical because Israeli army is preventing municipality maintenance crews from doing their job.

He said that Israeli tanks fire their machine guns at the technicians whenever they (Municipality crews) try to go in to repair the damage. The situation is still tense and critical.

Reported by B. Samed,

July 17th., 2002

Gaza, Palestine


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