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July 10th - Rafah      Wednesday, July 18, 2001

During the last two weeks, Israeli army and settlers have launched a vicious cycle of attacks on Palestinian cities, cumminities, and farms. One major violent attacked occured on July 10th in Rafah on the border between Rafah city and Egyption border fence. Resident of the area woke up to the sounds of tanks and buldouzers. In one particular area, Saladin Gate, Israel leveled down 26 houses.

Now those people (126) live in tents in the middle of Rafah down twon. UNRWA and Red Cross provide tents. Many elderies said that they expreienced becoming refugees three times by now. The first time was in 1948, second in 1967 and now in July 2001.

People in the tents were furious and very angry. Many young men voiced their anger at America for arming Israel and refusing to send an international protection unit. Those people wanted most of all a neutral observing unit to report to the world Israel's atrocities. It is a message they wish the world listens to them.

Many demanded a quick end to their tragedies. Others were very blunt in demanding more suicide attacks against Israelis inside the green line for revenge. young kids cheered and whisled when hearing such calls.


B. Samed


Recently erected tents in down town Rafah, Gaza Strip. Israeli tanks and buldouzers demolished 26 houses(125 people) on July 10th.
Rafah, July 14th

A street in Rafah City filled up with tents to accomodate recent refugees.

Ibrahim sitting on a wall in front of his destroyed family home, only tens of meters away from Egyptian border in Rafah refugee camp. On July 10th, Israeli tanks shelled the house.
July 14th, 2001 - Rafah

"They threw us on the streets." Originaly from Jaffa, Fatima becoming a refugee again, remembering the first time at age 7 in 1948.
July 14th, 2001 Rafah

In the background is an Israeli bunker with a camera tower overlooking a whole neighberhood. Israeli tanks destroyed most houses in this area.
July 14th - 2001 Rafah

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