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Another Rage         Sunday, July 29, 2001

Today, July 29th Sunday, Jerusalem and the occuppied terretories are up in arms. Clashes have flared up inside the Haram Al Sharif of Al Aqasa Mosque.

Israel's Supreme Court decreed a decision, yesterday, to allow Jewish extremists to put the corner stone of the so called "temple". Their proposed site is on the Aqsa Mosque Place. This, simply means "officially declaring a war on Islam, the Arab World and the international legal system". Today's events will most certainly lead to a regional explosion in the coming days.

Already,today, the Aqsa Mosque or Harm Al Sharif was attacked with hundreds
of Israeli soldiers. At this moment, pitching battles are raging on between Palestinian youths and Israeli soldiers. At least 40 palestinians were injured until 4:00 PM Palestine time on Sunday July 29th.

Gun battles are also going on in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Hebron and Rafah are being bombarded by tanks. Reports of injuries and casualities are not reported yet.

As a result of the blunt provocation by Jewish groups,the coming days will experience more fighting and bloodshed in Jerusalem and the rest of the "boiling Palestinian territories".


B. Samed


After a long night of terror (July 10th) in their neighborhood, those Palestinian kids find themselves in the streets looking for shelter and answers.

A message on a tent titled "they talk about peace." It tells "They talk about peace and I am here like branches without roots. The wide ceiling sky says, a generation of which I am growing and getting bigger in the tents. Listen carefully, keep your leftover on your tables and let me sleep on my hunger and thirst and we warn history from the generation of the tents...beware history of the generation of the tents...
July 2001, Rafah

Ashraf, A Palestinian boy, showing his injury when he was hit with an Israeli 800mm bullet back in March in Rafah, Gaza Strip.
July, 2001

A child from Rafah going to clean her new home; a tent on the street.
July 2001

Just became a refugee, 13 yrs old Fidaa from Rafah said, "I have a message to Pres. Bush: Please stop giving Israel Missiles and bombs."

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