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A Kidnapped Ambulance Car Spread Terror and Bullets
Thursday, March 14, 2002

It was one of the strangest and abnormal incidents that took place when an ambulance car began a spree of shooting in the streets of Beach Camp in Gaza City. How that happened?

During the night of March 10th, when Israeli tanks attacked Jabalia Refugee Camp, many ambulances rushed to the scene to rescue tens of fallen causalities.

But, apparently, one ambulance car did not exactly make it to the camp. Three members of an Israeli special unit stopped the ambulance and kidnapped it. They drove the car back to Gaza City heading towards Beach Camp, located on the outskirts of the city. Once the kidnapped ambulance reached the camp, those inside the car opened their machine guns at people on the streets. The car drove on fast as gunfire kept hitting those who were passing by.

A Palestinian secret service car noticed it and ran after the shooting ambulance. The car chase ran for about half an hour. Meanwhile, those inside the kidnapped car kept shooting on the sidewalks. At the end, it managed to run away to the north of Gaza toward a Jewish settlement. However, many people were hit with various injuries.

Lately, the Palestinian Ministry of Health and related NGOs have expressed deep concern about Israel's latest war on the ambulances. Israeli tanks were seen and filmed smashing ambulance cars, shooting at them, preventing entry to camps. In addition, last week, one doctor was shot dead along with the ambulance driver, inside the car, as they waited for entry permission to a refugee camp in the West Bank. Not to mention tens of others who work in the medical emergency field and they face danger and injuries during their performance of a purely humanitarian work.

Such news and images are reported regularly on various Arab satellite channels. But, on the other hand, CNN and BBC, two major international channels, choose a deliberate cover up of broadcasting such facts as part of an ongoing biased and distorted media in favor of Israel.

Gaza City,

March 14th., 2002

B. Samed


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