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Palestinian reaction to the assassination of Yassin
Saturday, March 27, 2004

Gaza City: In the early morning hours of the day when Ahmad Yassin was assassinated by Apache helicopters missiles, local residents woke up with shock. The skies of the city already began looking dark and gloomy due to the burning of tires as a sign of anger and protest on a day that was supposed to be sunny with blue spring skies.

The sixty seven year old, paralyzed from the neck down, spiritual leader Yassin was on his way home at 5:00 AM after finishing praying at the mosque near his home.

It was a regular routine path that the old man used to do leaving his house and going to the neighborhood mosque to pray. The Apaches were waiting for his return home and fired three missiles directly at him killing him instantly and nine others who were leaving the mosque. Tens were injured including two of Yassin's sons.

News spread so fast as thousands upon thousands flocked to the main hospital in Gaza city. Many were seen crying openly and others waited in silence utterly shocked and clearly sad and angry. Shops kept close and schools announced a mourning period. Young people burned tires in almost every square and cross road. The black smoke and the mood of the people reflected an atmosphere of a mix of feelings of sadness, disgust and anger.

At 10:30 Am, the procession of the funeral began where tens of thousands of people carried the body of Yassin and nine others in a highly charged emotional procession. Many were seen weeping openly. A van carrying huge speakers was leading the funeral service broadcasting pro ・resistance and Yassin slogans.

To Palestinians, regardless of political affiliation, the killing of Yassin meant as targeting the whole of Palestinian people. The founder of Hamas was well known for establishing social networks, schools for orphans, educational institutions, taking care of students, clinics and so on.

One twenty two year man said,・Sheikh Yassin was like a father to us・o all people. Also, within Palestinian political community who did not necessarily agreed with Yassin Politics, almost all respected the old for his voice of reconciliation and call for unity and reason. One Palestinian political commentator speaking to the media on the day of assassination said that Yassin was a unifying force and that he maintained such force during his life and now even stronger in his death. Others said that the death of Yassin has unified not only the Palestinian people but also the feelings throughout the Arab and Moslem world.

Talking to people in the streets of Gaza, all agree that Sharon has committed a big mistake if he thought by doing so was to weaken the resolve of the Palestinians People.

One man said it summarizing the feeling of others,・This assassination came as a big wish for Yassin. Now, he is a true hero who died for the cause. Yassin has entered the wide doors of history as a Martyr. ・Such a statement is almost uttered by every person. Many actually wondered how stupid Sharon and his government is to commit such act. Yassin was on old man with many health problems. And according to sources in the city, his martyrdom turned into a dream came true, which he longed for all his life. ・Sharon and Israel has granted him his wish; not killing him.・One local restaurant owner said.

Commentators wrote in local newspapers saying that this assassination would mark this day, March 22 of 2004, as a new phase of the popular uprising (Intifadah) which could be called the Yassin Intifadah. And that this day can be compared with the day Sharon committed the first big mistake by entering the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem on September 27 of the year 2000 which sparked off the on going intifadah known as the Al Aqsa Intifadah, still continuing for the last three and half years.

Reported by:
B. Samed

March 27th. 2004
Gaza City.


The skies of Gaza City in the morning of the assasination of Hamas Leader Yassin. The city wake to the news with shock and anger.
Gaza City: March 23nd, 2004

A burning tire in a middle of an intersection in Gaza City is there as a sign of showing extreme anger and protest.
March, 22nd

Huge crowds are carrying the body of Sheikh Yassin and nie others who were killed by three missiles fired from an Israeli Apatch on March 22nd.

Upon hearing news of the assasination of Hamas leader, Yassin, shops remained closed for a three-day period of mourning. Schools and official institutions also stayed closed.
Gaza City: March 22nd, 2004

Local residents rushed to the main hospital in Gaza City after hearing of the killing of Yassin. March 22.

Dr. Rantisi, the new leader of Hamas in Gaza Strip, is speaking at a press conference annoucing, "It is open war. Israelis will never enjoy security. Sharon is the real terrorist."
Gaza: March 25th.

A young Hamas supporter in front of a funeral service rally and brandishing a pro Hamas CD and flag.
Gaza City: March 24th.

Children at a Hamas Rally in Yarmouk Stadium, Gaza City.
March 24, 2004

A Hamas supporter writing a graffitti on a wall in Gaza City meaning: "Ahmad Yassin, you've left us with your body but your spirit is still teaching us the love of Jihad and sacrifice."
Gaza City: March 23nd, 2004

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